About the company



Our company belongs to the Baltic Pack Group, the members of which are the following:
• UAB Baltic Pack - Lithuania. Established in 1994. Office, warehouse and production plant are located in Kaunas
• SIA Baltic Pack - Latvia. Established in 1997. Office and warehouse are located in Riga. 
• AS Baltic Pack EST - Estonia. Established in 1998. Office and warehouse are located in Pärnu.


The activity of Baltic Pack can be divided into four areas:
1. Production, printing and sale of plastic packaging.
2. Resale of plastic and paper packaging.
3. Sale and maintenance of production and packing equipment. Technical consultations.
4. Sale of spices, flavourings and food additives.
Our cooperation partners who are our suppliers are manufacturers (mainly in Europe) with a long experience and are among the leaders in their field.


Our aim is to grow with our customers and offer the best customer service according to the customer’s wishes and expectations. Over ten years of experience in this business has given us a good understanding of the customer’s needs. We hope that the cooperation partners being our customers have reason and confidence to turn to us.


SIA "Baltic Pack"